DBTS offers services for natural gas and oil pipelines. We offer services as PHMSA pipeline operators focusing on the DOT maintenance requirements mandated by State and Federal regulatory law. We are members of the USA North and USA South “Dig Alert” Program to provide our customers the service of handling all One Call Notifications. All of our field Operators are DOT Operator Qualified, field certified and professionally trained.


We are proud to be ABB Total Flow’s Northern California representative and as such we offer our customers the specialized service of gas measurement design and control with remote monitoring capabilities. This provides our customers with the ability to dramatically increase their efficiency, accuracy, safety and productivity. Our company utilizes SCADA and Alarm systems, to monitor automated equipment sites.


We offer, through our association with Compliance Service Inc., an Internet assessable database that displays all scheduled and completed documentation of DOT maintenance tasks for our customers.

Pipeline Survey & Testing
  • DOT CFR 49 ,192 and 195

  • Patrol Markers

  • Leak  Detection Survey

  • Pipeline Patrols

  • Valve Inspection

  • Atmospheric Corrosion Inspection

  • CP Remote Monitoring

  • Gas Sample Analysis

  • Damage Prevention Program

  • Underground Locating Services

  • 1 Call Ticket Management


Pipeline Inspections
  • Bell Hole Inspection

  • Clock Spring Repair

  • Pipeline Recoating and Reconditioning

  • GPS Mapping and Data Interaction

  • DCVG Surveys

  • Turnkey ILI inspections in order to locate any anomalies and determine the size and characteristics.

  • Cleaning PIGS


Regulatory Consulting
  • Pipeline O&M Procedures

  • Compliance Tracking and Audit Tracking

  • Management of Change (MOC)

  • Computerized Maintenance Database - Compliance Service Inc.

Facility Maintenance
  • "R" Stamp

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